As you know, I’ve been advocating for a while to make small changes to your overall fundraising program and to start including monthly giving wherever possible.

I know that you simply may not be in the position to go after monthly donors in a big way, or you may be hesitant.  (For some reason I’m still puzzled about that, so I hope you don’t mind me continuing to motivate you to try it.)

You probably also know that monthly giving takes a while to take hold, so it’s really a matter of adding monthly donor appeals in small ways.

The good news is that the wins can be in small changes.

What are some examples of those small changes?

  • A monthly giving tick box on the front of a reply form
  • A monthly giving button in an email or an e-newsletter
  • A monthly giving ask in an email P.S.
  • A homepage takeover
  • A special email appeal focused just on monthly gifts

Let me share a few wins with you:

An organization added a monthly giving P.S. to four year-end emails, and it generated 10 new monthly donors (a big boost to its overall program).

An organization did a simple email appeal with two follow ups in January to acquire new monthly gifts, and it has now already generated 35 new monthly donors, annualizing at almost $6,000 a year!

An organization tested a monthly giving tick box on the front of its appeal reply form and its thank-you letter reply form, and it’s chipping away at adding new monthly donors. In fact, what was interesting is that the test group with the tick box raised more money overall and had a higher response rate, so even more of a win-win.

Remember to annualize the new monthly donors, so you’ll see the impact of your small changes. These small changes don’t cost you anything to do — a laser variation, an extra button linking to your monthly giving page. All of these are in place already.

Which small monthly giving changes are you planning to make next?

Originally posted by NonProfitPRO on February 24, 2020.