This youth organization in Colorado reached out to A Direct Solution to ask for help with its first email appeal asking its donors to join their newly developed recurring donor program.

Our first recommendation was to develop a special targeted page so we could link the email directly to this page. Our second recommendation was to find a donor to provide a challenge gift.The organization found a generous donor who was willing to put up a $5,000 challenge to create extra motivation for new monthly donors to join.

We then helped them craft the email message which was sent out in the Spring to a targeted email list of donors and volunteers who had given less than $100 previously. We also knew that they had made gifts by credit card before, so they were prime prospects for monthly giving.

This one email generated a 19% response rate of new monthly donors, almost double what they had expected. Needless to say, that the organization is very excited and this approach will be part of its annual monthly donor plan.

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