If you’re an organization that has had monthly donors for a while, you’ll know that some of your monthly donors can and will stay with you for decades! Of course that in part depends on their age when joining. Typically, I’m seeing that those donors continue to give monthly for 5 years to 7 years. That’s great news, isn’t it?

If you treat your monthly donors like your best friends, the news will get even better! Because these “small” donors will leave you in their will!

But you do have to say “thank you” like you mean it. You’ll have to cultivate them and keep them up-todate on what’s happening with your organization. You’ll need to tell them how they’re the hero in the lives of the children, animals or clients you serve. You’re making sure you have an inbound telephone number and email address they can use if they have questions. They will have those because they care enough about your organization they’re giving you their coveted credit card of bank account information.

And during your friendship with them, occasionally broach the topic of how they’re so important to your organization that you’d like them to consider leaving your organization in their will.

Gently plant the seeds, so they can truly leave a legacy when they pass on. If you can find a donor who has told you why they’ve left you in their will and you’re able to use that story in your newsletter, email message and a special invitation, you’re truly “golden.”

If you treat monthly donors like your best friend, you’ve made it more comfortable to have that important conversation for what happens if they’re not here anymore. Don’t be surprised to learn that they are 6 times to 7 times more likely to leave you in their will than other donors who do not have this tremendous ongoing relationship with you.

Monthly donors may not be able to write the big checks, but they are willing and able to leave you in their will.

This statistic is based upon studies done mainly in the U.K. (where they actually review every will), and I’ve seen it with one of my clients here. A year ago, when we looked at the sources of their legacy income, we found that 75 percent of it came from monthly donors. Another reason why monthly donors are so powerful, you know!

This post was first published on Nonprofit Pro. 

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