Fundraisers, Get Out There and Try ‘Something Different’

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First posted on July 17, 2017 by NonProfitPRO Today You may have read before that I grew up in Holland. I didn’t move here till I was 32. I became an American citizen when I was 47. In Holland, nobody had heard of “Saturday Night Live.” Instead, we grew up learning British English (not until high school, mind you) and watching British comedies. One of the favorite shows was called “And now for something completely different!” If you have a...

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How do you become a better fundraiser?

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I just came back from an amazing week at the   International Fundraising Congress with amazing inspired, energetic fundraisers from some 60 countries. You may have heard me speak about this conference before. It’s really the top conference in my book! And I’m not just saying that because it’s being held on the other side of the ocean in my native country the Netherlands! (I was able to spend the weekend celebrating my...

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