A Direct Solution provides direct marketing and fundraising solutions that translate into core management strategies and provide the foundation for achieving and sustaining your business objectives.

erica_gen_2We have extensive general and specialized direct marketing and fundraising experience, particularly in monthly giving. This includes consulting on marketing, database, payment, online requirements, back-office process and accounting and reporting. In addition, we consult on international fundraising campaigns. Finally, we’re well versed in annual fund appeals, membership, direct mail or telemarketing campaigns, major and planned gifts and database conversion and analysis projects.

Services can include, but are not limited to:

1. Solutions for Staff Support Needs 
A Direct Solution provides executives with over 20 years experience in (direct) marketing and fundraising from the development side of the desk. They have worked in different organizations and understand the demands of the organization. They do not require extensive training and the work begins on the first day of the job.

Executives from A Direct Solution know how to work with boards, existing staff and volunteers, prepare budgets and presentations. They can provide the Executive Director or Development Director with any fundraising and development support needed. In addition, A Direct Solution can solve the need for temporary staff e.g. in the case of resignations, unexpected illness, military deployments, maternity leave, sabbaticals and special project or promotional needs.

2. Develop, Manage and Execute Monthly Giving Campaigns
Executives from A Direct Solution have raised millions of dollars through envelope_3monthly giving programs, via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit cards.

Programs were developed for multiple countries, from start to finish, working with banks, accounting, donor support, data-entry, IT, marketing and development. We have executed numerous direct mail and telemarketing campaigns to acquire new monthly donors.  We can provide training and education of all relevant departments and help develop templates and processes. A Direct Solution has built a significant number of contacts within the United States and abroad to help your organization start capitalizing on monthly giving immediately.

3. Develop, Manage and Execute Fundraising Appeals
Annual Fund, Membership, Major Gift and Planned Giving direct response campaigns include prospect or membership acquisition, direct mail, email appeals, Renewals, Annual Reports, Major gift upgrades and Thank you letters.

Services range from creative audits to reviewing the current communication and coding stream, to providing creative concepts, to providing lists, creative, strategy, direct mail execution, analysis, all-inclusive. A Direct Solution will prepare overall budgets and execute the complete fundraising program for the organization.

4. Develop, Manage and Execute International campaigns 
A Direct Solution has extensive experience with international fundraising and its executives understand the intricacies of successfully implementing campaigns.

For organizations that are interested in raising funds elsewhere, especially in Europe or for those international organizations, who would like to become active in the USA, A Direct Solution provides the expertise, including determining which country to enter; feasibility studies, registration support, data-entry, planning and execution of the campaigns.

5. Develop and Execute Training Sessions and workshops
Executives from A Direct Solution have many contacts in the nonprofit arena servicesand have presented at many conferences, workshops and seminars.

Based upon the experience and needs of the client, A Direct Solution can put a training program together and execute this within an entire organization or for individual chapters or departments.

This could include providing interactive training for new development staff and/or volunteers, especially in the areas of annual fund and membership development.

A Direct Solution regularly works with organizations and companies like Charity How To, Development Dialogues, National Catholic Development Conference, Nonprofit Network, Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands, The Development Roundtable, AFP and the DMFA, NEAHP and others to organize sessions, seminars and workshops.

6. Support Clients with RFP’s 
Organizations, searching for a new agency, consultant, database or data-entry vendor, often go through the process of establishing their real needs and then write a Request for Proposal (RFP).

A Direct Solution has extensive experience answering RFP’s and knows what will help guide the organization in obtaining the most relevant responses. A Direct Solution can support the organization in the RFP process and establish what they really need. A Direct Solution can help develop criteria for evaluation and be involved in the final evaluation and decision making process.