This blog was written for and published by Pamela Grow at Simple Development Systems 

Thank you, Pamela for being a great colleague. She introduced me to the webinar phenomenon and I’ve not looked back since! So, when she sends me a question, it’s a great opportunity to give back.

So, one of her clients recently asked her about Monthly giving pop-ups and how they work (or do not work) and what the negative or positive impact could be  on your donations. So, I had to do some research because pop-ups work. But they can have a negative impact on your one-time donations.

Second, I’ll address a Do-not: the troubling habit of automatically pre-populating the monthly giving option on online donation forms.

Let’s start with the Monthly giving Pop-ups first. I’ve seen a few organizations do this, quite successfully I might add.

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Resource referred to also,  thanks Wendy at Mal Warwick!

Three online strategies to improve a monthly donor sustainer program