Did you know that monthly donors give 42% more than one time donors? And that 64% of donations come from women? Here’s an interesting infographic  by Maximillion, thank you Linda Parker for sending it to me!

I’d love sharing this with you because bosses and boards still like to see those statistics before making the decision to move forward.  It’s important to realize these statistics and take action. And it’s important to base your communication decisions on some of these statistics. Whether you’re picking up the phone, inviting your donors to an event, creating a facebook ad, or sending out an email or direct mail appeal.

And if you’ve not yet started at least asking for monthly donations, I hope that this will push you to the next step.

I heard a terrific quote recently: Major donors make the splash. Small donors create the pond!

Every nonprofit needs a pond, so let’s start asking those small donors and create a bigger pond to support all the great work you do!

If you’d like to find out how to grow your monthly giving program, just contact the Monthly Giving Help Line . It only takes one extra new monthly donor to pay for it! You can’t beat the price.

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