Originally posted on NonProfitPRO Today, July 10, 2017

Whenever I do a webinar on monthly donors, I am always happy to follow up to provide answers to questions that may have gone unanswered during the short time we were “webinaring” together.

One of the questions that came up was:  Is generating monthly donors more difficult for a local nonprofit, compared to a larger national organization?

The best answer is: You will not know until you try!

While large national organizations typically have bigger budgets for fundraising and larger numbers of donors and emails to begin with, that does not necessarily mean that they’re more successful than local organizations.

In fact, local organizations have several advantages:

  1. You can organize local recognition events for your (monthly) donors.
  2. You probably already have much higher name recognition in your community.
  3. You can use donors, board or community members for testimonials about giving monthly, which will make it even more powerful than a national donor or board member nobody knows.
  4. You can show your local community how monthly gifts are making an impact to your clients, patients, kids, animals you serve, and that’s oh-so powerful.
  5. You have may be able to use local cable access and local radio stations to promote the program, which is a great way to get the word out. Many local cable access stations will help you create a PSA video or message that you can use for your website and in your emails to reach out to prospective monthly donors.

Now, if your donor base is small, you will not be able to generate as many new monthly donors as the typical big national organization, but it will still be extremely powerful.