#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 1: Offer Monthly giving on your online donation page (1/9/17)

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 2: Have Monthly giving take over your home page (1/16/17)

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 3: Assign someone to be responsible for your monthly donor program (1/23/17) 

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 4: Create a recurring only page (1/30/17):  

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 5: Use a special day to get the word out! (2/6/17) 

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 6: Say thank you in a very special way! (2/13/17)

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 7: Create a monthly donor segment for your email list (2/21/17) 

#MonthlyDonorMonday Tip 8: Include a reference to your monthly donors below your email signature (2/27/17)