A Direct Solution’s services are compensated through a combination of hourly rates, project fees and retainers, depending upon the need of each client.

We realize that we work with nonprofits so our fees are considered very reasonable while still qualifying the fact that you are working with experienced professionals so you’ll receive our best thinking and our best customer service to generate the best possible results.

Our core services consist of providing full direct response campaign development from start to finish, email execution or support, monthly giving campaigns, grant writing, events and public relations. This means:

Fees for Annual Appeals

A Direct Solution regularly partners with a number of reliable vendors and outsources all design, production, and mail house services.

This allows our company to devote a significant amount of time and resources in-house on copywriting, strategy, planning, data selection, analysis, and customer service.

Most notably, A Direct Solution does not charge a markup on production, and all vendor invoices are passed-through-billing thus providing optimal transparency and flexibility for our clients.

A Direct Solution will provide cost estimates (following the client’s guidelines) and will reconcile all cost after the campaign to ensure that all campaign analysis uses final cost. The management of a typical appeal runs between $1,200 and $1,500.

Fees for Monthly Giving Campaigns

There are many variables in where an organization is in their monthly giving program development and the need for consulting needs.

In some cases, the monthly giving help line will be the solution for your needs. In other cases, you’ll need us to present you with a full range plan. In other cases, you’ll want to hire us to help you with the development of best practices for implementation in your organization. In yet another case, you may wish us to be available on a more ongoing basis to ensure that your program stays on track.

We will provide you with a statement of work for client’s approval Our typical monthly giving fees range between $120 to $150 an hour and retainers are negotiable.

Fees for Copywriting

We gladly support you with your copywriting needs, especially for annual fund emails, letters and monthly giving emails and appeals. The typical rate is based upon the estimated amount of times it will take to do the research and the writing, but usually runs between $500 to $750 per package.

Fees for Grant Writing

These fees are usually negotiated based upon the research needed and the number of grants to be written but usually runs $120 per hour.

Fees for Public Relations

These fees are usually negotiated and run between $90 and $120 per hour. this includes the writing of release, fact checking and submission to all print and other media outlets.

About Fees in general

We realize we work with nonprofits. That’s why you will never find us over-charging you. If the actual time spent is less than estimated, we will bill you less. If the actual time is more, we’ll bill only what’s estimated unless there are major changes to the package, then we’ll negotiate. You’ll never receive any surprises. We care about your organization, your donors, and your mission.


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